Meet the Co-Founders

Arielle Cassidy, a young entrepreneur and business owner, partnered with Melissa Goncalves, the former Director of Client Services at ANC and Current Account Director at Spotfront, to create Femmetrepreneur. Both Melissa & Arielle, who are currently in their twenties, strive to educate and empower all types of women and show them the importance of going after and getting what they want.  

Climbing the corporate ladder in a short period of time, Melissa taught herself how to succeed in a male-dominated corporate space and she wants to give you the tools to do the same. With a background in entrepreneurship, Arielle strives to provide women and business owners with mentors that they can learn and develop their personal careers with. Together, this dynamic duo hopes to teach, learn and grow with women at all points in their career, and to ultimately help them reach their goals. 

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