how did the #getfemmed movement start?


After years of dreaming of a platform that showcased relatable women Melissa decided it was time to dive into Femmetrepreneur. Partnering with Arielle Cassidy, Founder & CEO of The Juice House, Melissa was able to source incredible talent for the FemmeRadio podcast series such as Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping magazine Meaghan B. Murphy, and the Co-Founder of MIM Connect Bianca Jeanty. With Arielle’s helps and guidance Melissa was able to establish a vision and plan of action.

Melissa Goncalves - creator & Host of FEmmeRadio

Melissa Goncalves, Creator & Host of FemmeRadio


Of Melissa's 7 year career, she spent 5 as the Director of Client Services working predominantly in the sports industry. The experience she gained in a male-dominated place of employment is what sparked her interest in creating a platform for women. 

“I didn’t have many female mentors at my company at the time but the men were always so incredibly supportive of me,” Melissa says. “On a consistent basis I would wonder, where are all the women at the top? Where is my female VP who supports other women and wants to be a constructive mentor – it was simply no where to be found.” 

With this in mind, Melissa set a goal to create the FemmeRadio podcast series in the hopes of providing valuable insight to the future generation of workers. Including career paths they can choose, how to deal with a particular workplace culture, and how to turn a negative experience into a positive and networking 101.