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Our Femme of the Week feature is in place to finally give credit where it's due and spotlight the women you hold in such high regard! Is there a woman in your life who got a promotion? Finally nailed down a deal that's been months in the making? Reach out to us and let us know!

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Previous Femme's of the Week

Kenzi Lockwood, COO of GRL GNG. Inc, September 14

Kenzi Lockwood, GRL GNG INC

Our femme Friday goes to our gal pal @grlgnginc ran by @kenzerina8  . She’s dedicated to helping women in the OKC area to empower and help  one another, but she diversifies and pushes her message out to all!  

Christie Freer, Asst. Manager for Field Communications at LOFT, September 7


Christie starts her new position as the Assistant Manager for Field  Communications at LOFT on Monday after working 2 years at ANC - first as  an intern and then being hired full time as an Account Executive.  Christie is an all around badass! "She has been supporting Femme since  its inception and continues to be a catalyst, helping us build  followers, grow our platform and reach new women! Outside of work  Christie has a Masters Degree and was an assistant Coach for  Manhattanville Women's soccer for two years, where she was not only a  coach but a mentor for her players. She is an incredibly supportive  friend, co-worker and probably one of the greatest human beings I know.  Just as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside! I have  personally had the pleasure of knowing Christie for the last 5 years or  so and she continues to amaze me by the amount of effort she puts into  her friendships, her work and most importantly her family. Christie also  works tirelessly to bring awareness to causes that are near and dear to  her heart such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She embodies the word  Femme and is a true force to be reckoned with. 

Erin Henk, Artist & Creator of Stay Astray Apparel, August 31


"I asked a million questions. I watched a million tutorials. I spent  entire days trying to figure this all out which I am still figuring out!  But I know that my commitment to myself is real.  Envision what you  want and don't see any other option. No one will do it for you. That is  important to understand. 

Ellie M. Roz of Ellie M Roz Design, August 24

Ellie M Roz Designs

 You can catch Ellie kicking ass at CrossFit, being an amazing mom to her  two sons, as a dynamic duo - alongside her husband Mike, on TV’s George  to the Rescue (or on her, soon to be, secret new show she’s been  working on), or all around just killing it at the interior design game.  Doesn’t hurt to know that she’s also an amazing soul and literally knows  everyone 🔥! “My interior design career started in fashion. I worked in  the industry starting in high school and through summers and college  internships. My husband Mike, who I've been with for 21 years, since we  were both 14!, had the goal of becoming a general contractor, and I knew  that one day we'd work together. After remodeling our first home  together in Fanwood, his clients started asking me to help them with  choosing finishes for their own remodels. That's how I made the jump  from visual merchandising to interior design. I love showing people how  FUN it is to make their homes somewhere they love and enjoy. The process  can feel overwhelming, especially if they're embarking on a new build  or huge overhaul, and I'm there to remind them not to take it so  seriously - we're picking pretty things for their home! It should be a  joy!” Check out her instagram @elliemrozdesign or her amazing website www.elliemrozdesign.com , to see her amazing work and lifestyle. 

Noelle Benjamin, CEMFO of Ignite Shine, Owner of Salon Noelle, August 17

Ignite Shine, Salon Noelle

Snaps for @sweetnurelle  -> Noelle Benjamin has been a master hair stylist for 20 years, and  has also worked in varying factions of community development from the  age of 11 traveling all around the world to do so. Noelle was frustrated  with her body image after basing her internal dialogue around a “size  large” listing she found inside the clothing she purchased from an  upscale clothing boutique. She has been size 4-14 at varying times of  her life. NOTHING to be frustrated about, as it is normal for human  development. She decided to combat the messages that we say internally,  the messages we hear from the fashion industry, and also ourselves by  creating a community of beauty minded, intentional, soul thriving  gangsters (SPARKS) who unite in intention for inspiring internal light  and love. Noelle takes the liberty of removing the size tags at her  boutique and came up with a color coded system of empowerment to gage  what might work for your body shape.  SHINE is a culmination of all of  the beliefs and loves of her life in one location. Community; Fashion;  Art; Inner and Outer Beauty; Body Positivity; Badass Women;  Authenticity; etc… These are the value properties that she thrives on  and in. . . 

Lauren, Founder of Detailed Events by Lo, August 10


Everyone meet Lauren, also known as Lo. “My name is Lauren or Lo and I  am the wedding planner and day of coordinator of Detailed Events by Lo. I  started my own business after I realized how much I loved planning my  own wedding in 2016! I am very meticulous and detail orientated about  the smallest of details. I am very personable and want to grow a  relationship with all my brides, grooms and clients to ensure our vision  together will be perfect. I’m just obsessed with weddings and the love I  have for them and seeing every brides perfect day come to life. The end  result is just an amazing feeling. When I was planning my wedding I  never knew this was going to be my next step and take me on this amazing  journey. It was not something I planned, it just kind of happened. I  think all great things in life just happen and this is one of those things for me.” 


Stephanie Cartin, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, SocialFly, August 3


Steph is the Co-CEO & Co-Founder of @socialfly  💪 While working in sales in Corporate America, Steph used her passion  for social media to assist her friends with building and marketing their  own businesses. After meeting her business partner Courtney Spritzer,  they both bonded over their fascination with social media and wanting to  be entrepreneurs. Together, they worked on their new venture by  managing social media strategies for a few clients while also working  their full time jobs. After about a year they both decided to focus  full-time on growing their agency and mutually quit their jobs on the  same day! . . "My biggest piece of advice for girls breaking into the  workplace in 2018 is to embrace networking and mentorship opportunities.  When we were starting our company, we relied on the connections we  built through networking groups to help guide us when there were bumps  in the road. As you grow in your career and reach out to people you  admire, you'll be surprised by how many of your mentors are willing to  offer their time and help you grow professionally!" . . Message for  Entrepreneurs? "Starting your own business will mean that you are always  on. Even when you aren't in the office, you are thinking about your  business and ways to improve processes and grow your company. While this  may be challenging at times because you are constantly problem-solving,  the wins, big or small, are even more rewarding. There is nothing quite  like growing a company from scratch and turning an idea into a  multi-million dollar business." 

Jill Wang, Management Consultant at BCG, July 27

Jill Wang a Management Consultant at the Boston Consultant Group.

Everyone meet Jill! “I’m a management consultant at BCG (Boston Consulting Group) during the week and a dog mom to @kissfroma_rosie  on the weekends 😂  I’ve worked for BCG for 5 years, of which 2 I spent  at Columbia for my MBA. At BCG, I help C-suite executives solve  business problems. I focus on retail turnarounds. Right now, I’m working  on a project to turn around a billion dollar retailer facing sales  declines each year. Retail is my favorite - an interesting industry to  work in with the digital disruption to brick and mortar.  My other big  passion is raising awareness of dog safety in an urban environment. I  lost my first dog due to dog walker negligence so was inspired to turn  the tragic event into something positive. Through @kissfroma_rosie  I post safety tips, hold giveaway contests and run fundraisers all  dedicated to the cause.  Thank you for featuring me and Rosie! 😘”. Can  we talk about what a boss Jill is?! Her dog 🐶 Rosie isn’t too bad  herself 🐾 

Dr. Natalie Graziano, Dually Licensed Physical Therapist & Occupational Therapist - July 20

Dr. Natalie Graziano Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist

"I'm a dually licensed Physical Therapist and Occupational  Therapist, specializing in multiple soft tissue and joint release  techniques, as well as sport specific movement patterns, that works  primarily with competitive pro and amateur bodybuilders and other  athletes. I started my own business, Dr. Graz's Muscle Restoration, to  serve this niche of clientele." . . As an IFBB Pro Fitness and Women's  Physique competitor Dr. Natalie searched for professionals to perform  these services on her and unfortunately couldn't find any nearby -  that's when she started her mobile business! First she served local  areas in Florida but her business started to grow through word of mouth!  She currently serves athletes in multiple states, countries, large  professional sports events, and across various sports. "Getting to work  with some of the top athletes in my sport is definitely a high point.  Their physique is their business/livelihood, and to be trusted to treat  them is an honor. I was recently offered an office in one of the best  gyms in the country, The Dragon's Lair in Boca Raton, to work with top  coaches and pro athletes in IFBB, WWE, MMA, and rugby. It's surreal the  caliber of clients I have the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn  from. I am just as honored to work with the amateur athletes and  non-athletes, alike. I learn and take something from each client, as  they're all unique and from so many backgrounds. What drives me is  seeing my clients happy, healthy, and succeeding in whatever their  movement/performance goals are. To be a part of their journey; That's  the rewarding part." . . Natalie's message to entrepreneurs is  to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! "Never settle working for a company or business  model that makes you miserable. Create your own happiness doing what you  love, on your terms. It's hard. It's draining. It's a lot of work... but it's all worth it. 

Sam Rueter, Artist - July 13

An artist based out of Charleston, SC.

“I’m an artist currently living in Charleston, SC. Most of my work is  mixed media and painting; created for private collectors, galleries,  interior designers, and consultants. I focus on the female form and find  myself exploring the idea of femininity through the creative process.  Just short of two years ago, I left my teaching career to pursue life as  an artist full time. I found myself sitting in the classroom, telling  my students that they could grow up and be anything they wanted to be—  so why had I not followed through on my own dreams? I believe we base a  great deal of our life decisions based on what others have told us,  societal expectations and fear of failure. Art has always been my safe  space as long as I can remember. A process that allows deep thought,  experimentation, and healing. It began as more of a personal and  internal need— learning more of who I am and what was needed to grow as  both a woman and artist. In the process, if others can connect to my  work and see a storyline worth falling in love with, feeling something  at all— I am grateful. Remaining dedicated to my own authentic truth and  being an advocate for others is truly the only end goal. As for being a  woman entrepreneur, I find myself growing more confident every day in  our own abilities to blaze a new trail. Women everywhere inspire me.  There is an endless community of others ready to support and grow with  you if you are willing to find it.” Follow her to see her amazing art  and everything she stands for. Can we say talented? 

Heather Cook, Bus Marketing Manager at del Lago Resort - July 6


Heather Cook is a Bus Marketing Manager at del Lago Resort and Casino in  the Finger Lakes of NY. Heather first entered the casino industry in  2011 as a part time marketing representative, but in 4 months had found  herself in a leadership role in the same department.  A year later,  Heather was promoted to Bus Marketing Sales Manager where she was able  to increase her former property's overnight tour and travel bookings by  more than 50% year over year.  However, in 2017 that position was  eliminated Heather moved to a marketing position that handled all  marketing promotions at that property. . “I found myself pretty down at  this time because I truly loved the bus marketing sales position.  For a  while I let that feeling of "not being good enough" rule my life. But  lucky for me a recruiter hired by del Lago reached out via LinkedIn.   del Lago is only a year and a half old, and at this time last year they  were looking for someone to start their bus marketing program from  scratch. I moved three hours north to Upstate NY to become part of a new  and growing casino property!  Right now I handle all bus marketing  initiatives from promotions to sales to operations with the help of a  very supportive marketing team.  

Molly Krawczyk, Social Media @ The Juice House - June 29

Social Media Marketing Manager at The Juice House. Femme of the Week.

Everyone meet Molly. “My major at Ramapo College is Business  Administration and my concentration is in Marketing. I take general  business courses but go heavy on the Marketing courses. It makes for a  well rounded understanding of the business field in general but still  allows you to concentrate on an aspect you’re the most passionate about,  which for me is Marketing! I joined Alpha Phi Omega, a National  Community Service Fraternity during my Spring semester freshman year and  it has been one of my best choices. After just one semester in the  Fraternity, I was elected to Executive Board where I served as Secretary  for a full year. Come this Fall, I will start my first semester as Vice  President of Service where I will plan and execute all of the Service  opportunities for our Fraternity. I am so excited to start this new  position because of my passion for service and helping others. One of my  favorite things about being part of Alpha Phi Omega is seeing the  impact a smaller group can have. It only takes a few to make a  difference. I also work for Ramapo College’s Social Media and Marketing  department where I am a Social Media Student Assistant. I contribute to  the colleges social media and help strategize content. I love working  here because I have learned so much about the how’s and why’s of social  media. I’ve also learned new skills such as photography, editing, and  new ways of communicating. I am still learning of course and that’s the  best part in my opinion. Social media is always changing so learning is  so important and is something I’m passionate about. I’m still not  entirely sure what my dream job is or what my future holds. If I had to  say, it would be a job where I would be able to help others and make a  difference while still being able to tap into my creativity and love for  social media and Marketing is my dream job and where I see myself in  the future, stay tuned!” Did we mention she also does social media for @thejuicehouse_ ? Molly is passionate and excellent at what she does! Look out world. 

April - June Femme's

The Women of Spotfront, June 22


The women of Spotfront are our Co-Founder Melissa's new co-workers. "The diversity in this office was one of the first things I noticed when I  interviewed here. Almost everyone speaks a different language and  represents a different culture. This office is also almost 50% female -  which is rare in #technology  ! These women are so intelligent and hard-working - I'm honored to work  alongside them! From leadership, to customer success, to Dev and  Engineering, the #spotfront women are on the move in the #startup world." 

Madyson - Future Change Leader, June 15


“You’re never too young, to make a difference.” These are the words of  wisdom, Madyson, an 11 year old (going into 6th grade) said to me after I  left a work event late last night. As I drove home the words truly  settled in and I for some reason was just in absolute awe. Earlier in the day yesterday, at her graduation, she won several awards for academic excellence in math, music and gym (as top female athlete), as  well as the Presidential Gold Award. After hearing this, I was inspired  to feature our first young femme, for #femmefriday. This is where it ALL  begins. Madyson plays travel soccer (she’s in the finals for the NY  state cup this Sunday), plays bass and sings rock music for school of  rock (where she played with Amber Ferrari, a Long Island rock celebrity  last summer and will again this summer). One of her goals is to decrease  bullying. She tries to empower people at school when she has seen  certain situations. She also draws comics regarding friendship and  bullying and wants to make a difference in that area. She also is an  advocate in teaching kids to recognize their own talents and being  themselves. Speaking with her mother, another outstanding woman, I asked  what she does to inspire and push her daughter. She replied: “I try to  introduce her to different things to expand her point of view on the  world and to expand her interests; she can relate to many different  people. I especially stress the sports because it’s something lifelong  to keep her healthy, happy-positive outlet.” Wow. Madyson will  definitely be one of the next top females, to change the world.

Ricki Sanchez - Host of 20 Somethings Doing Nothing Podcast Series, June 8


Ricki Sanchez was first exposed to the radio industry when an RA in college told a few students to sign up and be on the schools radio show. She then received her first slot on air doing nights and she, "loved it so much that I never looked back." Ricki knew she had found her passion when a topic she came up with was selected to go on air and she was chosen to speak about it on #Elvisduran and the Morning Show! "The adrenaline rush is something I’ll never forget. I still get it and I haven’t been able to match that feeling in anything else other than radio." Working 3 jobs, Ricki has a dream of one day being an on-air personality. But opportunities are hard to come by in radio. "I wasn’t getting the opportunities I wanted, so I created my own with 20-Somethings Doing Nothing Podcast. 20-Somethings Doing Nothing is a podcast all about the daily things 20-somethings go through. We talk about everything from getting hammered with our friends, to philosophy, to online dating, to affording life on our own... and we do it all in a 30-40 min span. I’ve gained knowledge that I never would have and I’ve had a blast doing it (with a few stressful moments sprinkled in). It’s been my most fulfilling journey yet and none of it would have happened if I gave up."

Erin "Beating Bartonella" - Health Advocate & Inspiration, May 4


Everyone meet Erin. Erin is currently fighting a battle against tickborne diseases. Around 4 years ago, Erin was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia and Mycoplasma. Prior to being diagnosed, Erin worked in Investment Management, a job she loved and thrived in. Her full-time job, is now regaining her health. “Throughout my experience I decided to embrace the positive and share my day to day trials and tribulations through Instagram. Thanks to my page, I have met tons of inspirational women who are all fighting their own personal battles.”

Alyssa Munro, Digital Marketer at 360i, April 17

Alyssa Munro Digital Marketing

@allyssa_munro is a digital marketer and writer. During the day you can find her at @360i managing digital media campaigns for Shiseido (think: Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier, Buxom Cosmetics, etc.) and at night, producing career/lifestyle content. Allyssa is a big advocate for women advancement and makes it a point to attend/cover conferences that emphasize it. Attending the first ever @USOWomen hosted by the @WhiteHouse as a selected Changemaker and hearing from powerful women like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Gloria Steinem has been Allyssa’s favorite event to date. "After not being able to find access to certain resources after college, I decided to expand my focus beyond the marketing realm and follow my childhood dream of becoming a writer. With the goal of providing inspiration and knowledge for those also trying to climb the ladder of success, I started freelancing for publications that had the same purpose in mind. In doing so, I’ve not only interviewed and highlighted some outstanding women like former EIC of @seventeen, @AnnShoketand @DressForSuccess CEO, Joi Gordon, but also had the opportunity to write for publications like @MarieClaire, Arianna Huffington’s @thrive @thoughtcatalog and more. I hope that through my freelance writing and career in digital marketing, I can continue to inspire other women to reach their full potential."

Anna Lynn Keeshan, General Manager Barney's New York & Entrepreneur, April 13


Anna Lynn Keeshan is a General Manager at Barneys New York where in her first year, exceeded her individual stores sales goals by 13% - almost $250k! She is also a Licensed Real Estate Sales Person at Cow Harbor Realty Weichert Realtor’s Northport. In real estate she is able to pursue her passion of helping others find their forever homes where they can raise families and grow in. If you are in your real estate search, contact Anna for assistance along the way at AnnalynnRE@gmail.com ! Along with her two full-time jobs Anna just recently started two side-hustles. With a knack and passion for interior design, @roedesignco features Anna’s personal home and design tips. She even refinishes her own pieces and shows you how to do so as well! Soon she hopes to include recipes, and gift-giving tips, so follow along for more info and to find out why I call her the Long Island Joanna Gaines! With @thesuiteli, set to kick off later this year, Anna features carefully curated bridal ideas and some of her favorite vendors and products for future brides-to-be. Aside from being a complete hustler and boss babe, Anna is an incredible friend, mentor, dog mom and wife. Cheers Anna!

Jan - March Femme's

Cory Anne Cassidy Sockell, Attorney at Riposta Law Firm, April 6


Cory, the oldest daughter and sister of four girls, is also the wife to a firefighter and soon to be mom of 3! Cory is an attorney in North Jersey and has known since a very young age, just what she has wanted to be! Cory attended  Rutgers University for both her undergrad and Law School practices. Right out of law school, Cory worked for a corporate law firm and knew, in her gut, it just wasn’t the right setting for her. She transitioned to a more personalized, yet insanely successful, law firm. By the age of 33, she became a partner and has only been going up since then! She  specializes in personal injury, litigation's, and worker’s compensation, but also handles all different types of law such as business and real estate. She’s truly the jack of all trades.

Jessica Phan, Owner of JPhannyPack Designs, March 30


Jessica of @jphannypackdesigns 🔥👏 Jessica started #jphannypackdesigns two years ago in Monmouth County, NJ when a friend asked her to help decorate their new family lake house. Ever since, #jphannypackdesigns has been featured in several weddings,  engagement and baby announcements, homes, and classrooms where each piece is unique and made to order. Jessica enjoys working with her clients to design custom handmade décor for life’s celebrations... When Jessica isn't designing and creating, she is a middle school teacher in a local public school. She has been teaching for five years  and loves infusing her creativity into the classroom. In her free time,  Jessica enjoys traveling to find inspiration for her next piece of art... Don't hesitate to contact Jessica for all of your custom signage needs! 

Laura Huertas, Owner of Laura Huertas Photography, March 23


@laurahuertas_, is a NYC based wedding photographer and full time design student. She grew up with a camera in her hands & shot her first couples session about 5 years ago. She started by shooting events, restaurant interiors & newborns but weddings are where her passions for photography truly developed. She was fascinated with the connection between the photographs she was capturing and the memories. She left her job in 2016 and took on the role of being her own boss at 22. "Taking on the responsibility of running a business & going to school full time, was something I never thought I was capable of." Between a lot of books, educational workshops, google searches, & making mistakes, she learned what it really meant to be your own boss. That it means sometimes having to work 70 hours in a week, being your own bookkeeper, making deadlines for yourself, and just taking on 10 different roles on top of simply being the owner. "Today, I can officially say I’m completely booked for 2018 with 34 amazing couples and I can truly say that the decision of opening my own business, has been the most rewarding experience. For anyone that doubts themselves when it comes to being a woman entrepreneur, just know we’ve all been there.. I still have those days. But keep pushing, because you’re capable of anything you set your mind to!”

Gabrielle Bolin, Owner of Fit by Gab; March 16


Gabrielle Bolin is the owner of @fitbygab_  and is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and the founder of Fit By Gab,  an in-home and online personal training and nutrition service for  women.  She offers individual, private, group, corporate and online  training programs with workouts that allow her clients to achieve their  goals no matter how busy their schedules. "My  background in the entertainment industry led me to realize what a  miserable existence so many women lead, constantly feeling badly about  themselves, competing with one another and feeling unable to find the  time to work on themselves.  I combined my love of fitness, coaching and  self-improvement and created a fitness program for women that would  check off all of the necessary boxes to help even the busiest ladies. Gabrielle  built her business around her feminist values. "I truly believe that  women need to be confident, strong, independent and deserve at least  30-minutes dedicated to their health and fitness." 

Carly Prowe, Manager at The Juice House; March 9


Carly, is the manager of @thejuicehouse_, a juice bar located in North Jersey. She helps to keep 2 locations and about 40 employees smooth sailing! Inventory, sales, productions, and working anywhere around 70 hours a week, etc are just a FEW of the things Carly does on a daily basis. Along with being certified as a yoga instructor, and a huge animal lover, Carly is an amazing worker, great role model, mentor, friend and all around amazing soul! With hundreds of sales a day, physically helping customers, guiding employees, and making sure two locations are running, she sure does keep a cool go with the flow mentality. You go Carl!!!! @carlyprowe.

Mia Alicata, Head of Retail Insights at Buzzfeed; March 2


Welcome Mia Alicata! @mca923  👏 Upon discovering she couldn't be a professional class president, Mia  began her career in a customer experience & community engagement role @Poppin. Two years later she started @BuzzFeed  on the Strategic Insights & Analytics team & was promoted in  under a year. As Head of Retail Insights, Mia works with sales and  creatives to put forth the best branded retail content possible &  with the commerce team that brought you Homesick Candles, Social Sabotage & @buzzfeedtasty kitchen supplies. Mia started her wedding & event planning company, @handmadebymca, in 2015 specializing in day-of coordination & ensuring a stress-free day. Keep an eye on @HandmadeByMCA for an exciting announcement soon! 

Brigette Cassidy, Senior Manager of Benefits, L'Oreal; February 23

Brigette Cassidy Femme of the Week

Brigette [ @briggie_cass ] who is a Senior Manager in Benefits, for corporate @lorealusa Brigette manages health and wellness plans for L’Oréal and manages benefit plans for 10,000 employees, across the country. She ensures everything works as expected and ensures employees are serviced and  vendors operate accordingly. On her free time she loves investing in  inspirational books, @soulcycle  , and trying out new essential oils for her diffuser 💁🏻‍♀️ She’s a great support system and great at listening and giving advice.

Jenn Paoness; Associate GM IMG Georgia Tech, February 16


Jenn Paonessa has been working in the sports industry for 10 years and was nominated by Co-Founder, Melissa Goncalves. Jenn attended Manhattanville College where she received a BA in Management while playing D3 Field Hockey. With a golf Pro dad, a go-getter mom and an entrepreneur for a brother, one can say Jenn was born and bred with confidence and tenacity in her veins. She first discovered her passion for sports business  while working at ANC. Starting her career there in 2009 as an Account Coordinator, Jenn quickly climbed the ranks to Manager of the Department  within a short 3 ½ years. In 2013 she relocated to Durham, NC to be an  Account Manager at Sports Media Technology and then moved to selling  corporate partnerships at the Durham Bulls Baseball Club – making her  incredibly well-rounded in the sports industry. Her most challenging  role came in 2016 when she accepted the position of General Manager at  IMG Spartan Sports Marketing at UNC-Greensboro. There, she oversaw the  sponsorship sales for UNCG Athletics. This made Jenn one of just 4 Female General Managers in the Country for IMG and the youngest to ever  fill the role at UNCG. At the time of her hire, UNCG was not in a good place. There was lost revenue and clients were unhappy. Focusing the first 365 days of her career at UNCG on repairing relationships and building connections, Jenn was able to change history for them by hitting their local revenue goal and pushing the property to 95% overall  sales [with little to no lost revenue]. UNCG went from being last in their region in revenue dollars to the first locally and second overall  for IMG. This month she was deservingly promoted and will begin her relocation to Atlanta to be the Associate GM of Georgia Tech. Follow Jenn’s Journey on IG - @Jennpao & stay tuned for future Femme Radio episodes and you may be lucky enough to hear Jenn’s full story! 

Emily Zaffos; Designer at Steve Madden, February 9

Emily Zaffos FemmeTrepreneur Femme of the Week

Emily Zaffos started interning at @stevemadden as a junior in college. She graduated from college a semester early and landed herself a full-time role. She worked her way up the chain into a  position that is responsible for assisting in the development of a product line that is representative of the brand. At the company she studies markets, shops  retail, and interacts with customers to establish trends. She assists in sourcing and choosing materials such as leather, fabric, and ornamentation for samples. She also provides technical packages  consisting of specs and materials, which are sent to overseas development teams. She then presents samples as envisioned and attends trade shows. Aside from frequently traveling across the world and making kick ass shoes, Em is truly a great friend, a gem, and family girl. She’s also into making gluten free and dairy free foods that she makes  her fiancé test 💁🏻‍♀️. Follow Emily on Instagram at @eshmems

Annie Freer; Manager of Digital Marketing Strategy for LOFT; February 2, 2018

Annie Freer FemmeTrepreneur Femme of the Week

Nominated by her younger sister Christie, Annie studied International Business at Central Connecticut State University while she was on a scholarship to play Division 1 soccer. She started her career as an Account Manager for a digital marketing agency. Through networking and a track record for an impeccable work ethic, she landed a job working in E-Commerce for #anntaylor #loft, a leading women’s fashion specialty retailer. Beginning as an Email  Marketing Coordinator, Annie quickly moved her way up the ranks and in  just 3 years was promoted THREE times and is now the Manager of Digital  Marketing Strategy for LOFT. Annie is currently in charge of managing 6  employees and credits being able to cultivate their careers through  mentorship as one of the bonuses of management. Annie was the focal point of LOFT’s Fall, “Dear What to Wear”  campaign which was released via LOFT emails, Instagram and LOFT.com. One  of her exciting new projects for LOFT is working through the digital client communications framework and creating a new way to speak and  engage with the consumer online. Annie’s career doesn’t just stop there –  in the Fall of 2017 she enrolled in the University of Connecticut to get her Master’s of Business. Although Annie seems like she’s all work and no play – don’t worry. Her co-workers would say she takes office karaoke “very seriously!” Who’s up for the challenge?! You can find Annie on Instagram @Annieeeefreer 

Karyn Toffolo; Founder of Happy Belly Strong. January 26, 2018


Karyn Toffolo is the founder of  @happybellystrong  a wellness service that encompasses the total package  of mind body and spirit. She was nominated by her amazing friends, @youdownwitrpt. “I am a personal strength coach boot camp and  boxing instructor and a nutrition coach. I create pop-up boot camp and  nutrition events on a monthly basis where I collaborate with other  strong lady entrepreneurs in the wellness space. My attitude is that  everyone can be successful without feeling as a competition or threat. I  want to empower everyone not just my clients to be able to achieve  their goals. Femme to me means being unapologetically YOU. Stand tall  and be vulnerable in a world that is quick to pass judgements. It’s  really easy to get lost in the chaos of social media of who you are and  what your potential is. Be proud of who you are and work really hard at  what you’re passionate about. Share it with the world.” FOLLOW  @happybellystrong  she is one hell of an inspiration and bad ass  #femmetrepreneur 

Arielle Cassidy; Founder & CEO of The Juice House - January 2018


Arielle celebrated the 4 year anniversary of The Juice House on January 4th 2018. Arielle created and opened The Juice House when she was just 23 years old. In only 4 years, Arielle has grown The Juice House to be a pillar in the New Jersey community with 3 locations (and possibly a 4th coming soon). Arielle has hosted events that benefit the Leukemia Foundation and the Elizabeth Coalition for the Homeless as well as a number of additional community outreach initiatives. Arielle has shattered the notion that you can't be a successful entrepreneur when you're young and she continues to shed light on why the future is female. Congratulations on 4 years, Arielle! You can follow both Arielle and The Juice House on Instagram: @thejuicehouse_ @ari_yelle