A note from our Founder & Co-Creator

“Femme is an adjective that I use to describe the woman who goes after what she wants in her career and doesn’t take no for an answer. While on the path to achieving her dreams, she helps others find their hidden confidence. Women are the pillars to society. We are compassionate, empathetic and resourceful. We give life to tiny human beings and then present to global organizations of 500+. We do things that others cannot do and for that – we must share our stories. 

Femmetrepreneur was developed with a single goal in mind. Exposure. I want to expose the next generation of workers to women who can change their lives for the better. Ones who can help them get that promotion they knowingly deserve, negotiate a salary, craft a well-thought out email and “pivot” in their careers without fear.

Our Femme of the Week feature allows our members to nominate colleagues and friends of theirs who have had incredibly inspiring weeks at work. Click the Femme of the Week tab for more information.

Through the FemmeRadio podcast series, members of the Femme community can learn from leaders in the workforce that are realistic, honest and educated. No longer do you have to hear the story of the millionaire who turned their millions into millions more. You can learn from REAL women who built their careers from the ground up with an idea and a few dollars.

I was raised by a powerful woman (and an amazing father) who woke up every day with one mission in mind; build a better life for my children than they had for themselves. I hope that with each woman we feature through Femmetrepreneur we can all build better lives for our families than we had for ourselves – even if that life was pretty damn great.”

Melissa Goncalves

Founder & Co-Creator, Host of FemmeRadio

Est. 2018

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