What is Femme?

Femme, to us, is an adjective to describe the woman who goes after what she wants in her career, doesn't take no for an answer and never gives up until she gets it. Femme's are the dreamers AND the doers. Femme is our own ideology that you can absolutely have it all and you don't have to be an ass and cut people down to get it. Want something within your career? It's YOURS and we are here to empower each other, femme to femme, while getting it. 


On a weekly basis, Femmetrepreneur will showcase hardworking, successful women that have shattered their own form of a glass-ceiling. Our podcasts, released monthly, will feature an in-depth look into various diverse women who are at the top of their careers and want to give you the tips on how to be your truest self. Our Femme of the Week will be chosen via user submissions and will serve as a way to give your Favorite Femmes a well-deserved shout out.

We hope that in featuring these women, we can give you the inspiration to push you to believe that you can do the same. Femme strives to offer all women, in diverse backgrounds, an equal platform to successfully go after what they want. Femme is with you every step of the way.

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